The Transmission Experts

Your transmission is the single most complex part of your vehicle, and the experts at All County Transmission specialize in transmission repair and maintenance. It takes years of training to be able to diagnose and repair the complexities involved in any transmissions, but owner Mike Merle has over 20 years of experience in transmission repair.


Repairing, replacing, or maintenancing your transmission is a huge investment in your automobile. Don’t trust your vehicle to just anyone. All County Transmission is family-owned and operated, and all of our customers’ transmissions are repaired, rebuilt, or replaced in our shop. None of our work is subcontracted outside of our shop, which means you get fast and reliable transmission repair service.


Not only are we your local transmission experts, we have the skills and tools to offer complete vehicle diagnostic and repair service.

Here at All County Transmissions, we are proud to support our veterans. Our latest project was for Project Help in which we assisted in fixing up an older school bus and converting it into a “mobile closet” to be used by Project Help to benefit local low-income veterans as they transfer back into civilian life.


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